The Gardens Network

Supporting and sustaining community gardens

The Gardens Network is a collaborative partnership between Rooted, UW Madison Division of Extension, and the City of Madison. The network includes an array of organizations, garden organizers, systems, municipalities, initiatives, funders, and programs working on community food issues in Dane County.

We connect people in Dane County with the space, education and resources to create and sustain community gardens that foster food, engagement, and equity.

Our partnership allows us to provide community gardens and gardeners with the following support:

  • Legal resources: leases and liability insurance
  • Horticulture expertise
  • Master Gardener
  • Volunteer support
  • Garden infrastructure advice
  • Leadership development and training
  • Annual Garden Summit
  • Continuing education
  • Collaborative planning process with garden organizers, organizations and municipalities
  • Advocacy for gardening and greening
  • Outreach and community engagement strategies
  • Garden expansion/renovation support
  • New garden development
  • Equitable access to land for gardening
  • County-wide network of garden organizers

Visit the Gardens Network website for information about Dane County community gardens, The Gardens Network, or to find a community garden.

If you are looking for agricultural land and would like assistance, click here to fill out the Land Access Survey.

Gardens Network partners

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