Training Programs

Gain hands-on skills in urban agriculture and garden education

Our Training Program offers applicants the opportunity to gain hands-on skills in urban agriculture and garden education through work at Rooted programs: Troy Farm, the Troy Kids’ Garden, and the Goodman Youth Farm. Trainees will choose a focus area: Urban Farming or Garden Education.

We have placed our training programs on hold for the 2023 season and so are not taking applications for them at this time. If you are interested in more information about Rooted’s training programs, please email [email protected].

Check back in early 2024 for information about how to apply for next year’s training program.

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Urban Farming Training

Urban Farming Trainees will work primarily at Troy Farm. Troy Farm is a certified organic, diversified vegetable farm located on Madison's northside. Working side-by-side with farmers and staff, trainees learn small-scale, sustainable farming techniques applicable to direct-to-customer sales and wholesale production systems. Trainees can expect to gain experience in every aspect of small-scale vegetable production, from planning to implementation.

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Garden Education Training

Garden Education Trainees will work primarily at the Troy Kids' Garden and Goodman Youth Farm. Both programs serve children and youth ages 3-18 with outdoor, garden-based learning. At each site, trainees lead small groups of children in gardening, cooking, animal care, outdoor art, and other hands-on activities. Garden Education Trainees can expect to gain experience developing and implementing garden-based curricula and activities, while developing a working knowledge of vegetable gardening and small-scale farm management.

Reflections from past trainees

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