Troy farm PLANT SALE

Stock up on plants for your home or community garden

Saturday, May 11
10:00am – 4:00pm
502 Troy Drive, Madison

The Troy Farm Plant Sale is the perfect place to stock up on plants for your home or community vegetable garden. We will have a great selection of certified organic vegetable, herb, and flower starts. We are also excited to be expanding our offerings to provide Southeastern Asian vegetables and herbs this year as well!

This year’s plant sale will be in-person only, and we will not be taking pre-orders online. 4 inch pots will be $4.00, and 4 packs will be $6.00. We accept EBT/SNAP and double dollars to buy plants!

Catering by MexSal Mobile food truck will be available. Hope to see you there!

Plant Sale Varieties

Please click the variety name to learn about growing information from our seed supplier.

Arugula – Astro
Basil – Laotian
Basil – Prospera
Basil – Thai
Bitter Melon – Hmong Bitter Melons – DibIabHmong
Broccoli – Covina
Brussels Sprouts –Dagan
Cabbage (Green Cabbage) – Farao
Cabbage (Napa Cabbage) –Bilko
Cabbage (Red Storage) – Ruby perfection
Cauliflower – Bishop
Chard – Bright Lights
Cilantro – Caribe
Collards – Flash
Cucumber – Little Leaf
Cucumber – MaungXais Cucumber – DibMongXais
Cucumber (Slicing Cucumber) Python
Dill – Hera
Eggplant – Galine
Eggplant – Peas Eggplants – LwsPosTxivNkais
Eggplant – Thai (African) Bitterball – LwsPosIab
Eggplant – Thai Common Round – LwsThaib
Fennel – Orazio
Flowers (Calendula) – Flashback Mix
Flowers (Celosia) – Sunday Mix
Flowers (Celosia) – Flamingo Feather
Flowers (Cosmos) – Sensation Mix
Flowers (Marigold) – Durango Outback Mix
Flowers (Nasturtium) – Alaska Mix
Flowers (Sunflower) – Sonja
Flowers (Sunflower) – Autumn Beauty Mix
Flowers (Viola) – Sorbet Formula Mix
Flowers (Zinnia) – Queeny Lime Orange
Flowers (Zinnia) – Benary’s Giant Mix
Herb – Chive
Herb (Lavender) – Vera
Herb (Mint) – Spearmint
Herb (Oregano) – Italian
Herb (Rosemary) – Arp
Herb (Sage) – Grower’s Friend
Herb (Thyme) – German Winter
Hmong Greens – Zaub Ntsuab
Hmong Greens – Zaub paj
Jicama – Thai
Kale – Winterbor
Kohlrabi – Terek
Lettuce – Skyphos
Lettuce – Magenta
Lettuce – Salanova
Lettuce – Green Forest
Lettuce Mix – Allstar
Melon (Cantaloupe) – Divergent
Melon (Cantaloupe) – Athena
Melon – Hmong Winter Melon – TaubDag
Okra – Clemson Spineless
Onion (Red) – Red Carpet
Onion (Scallion) – Nebechan
Onion – (Yellow Storage) – Cortland
Pak Choi – Bopak
Parsley (Flat Leaf Parsley) Peione
Pepper (Hot Cayenne) – Red Flame
Pepper (Hot Habanero Orange) – Habanero
Pepper (Hot Jalapeno) – Jalafuego
Pepper (Hot Poblano) – Bastan
Pepper (Hot Shishito) – Shishito
Pepper (Sweet Red) – Olly
Peppers (Sweet Frying Pepper) – Carmen
Peppers (Sweet Lunchbox) – Red Picnic
Pepper – Sweet Manganji – KuavTxobNyivpooj
Peppers (Sweet Yellow) – Flavorburst
Pumpkin – Hmong Pumpkin – TaubTwg
Pumpkin (Large) – Howden
Pumpkin (Small) – Cider Jack
Spinach – Space
Squash (Summer) – Zephyr
Squash (Zucchini) – Green Machine
Tomatillo – Toma Verde
Tomato (Red Cherry) – Sakura
Tomato (Black Cherry) – Black Cherry
Tomato (Orange Cherry) – Sungold
Tomato (Heirloom) – Black Krim
Tomato (Heirloom) – German Johnson
Tomato (Heirloom) – Green Zebra
Tomato (Heirloom) – Valencia
Tomato (Paste) – Granadero
Tomato – (Paste) – Plum Regal
Tomato (Red Slicer Indeterminate) – Big Beef
Tomato (Red Slicer Determinate) – Galahad
Watermelon (Red) – Mini Love
Watermelon (Red) – Sugar Baby
Watermelon (Yellow) – Yellow Doll
Winter Squash (Acorn/Delicata) – Jester
Winter Squash (Butternut) – Nutterbutter
Winter Squash (Acorn) – Sugarbush
Winter Squash (Spaghetti) – Spaghetti

Order your plants and seeds online

Order & pay for seeds by April 9. Order & pay for seedlings by April 29.
All seed orders must be placed and paid for by Saturday, April 9 through our pre-order system. Orders for vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings must be placed and paid for by Friday, April 29. We will pre-package your order for pick up during the sale. You will choose whether you will pick up your seedlings on May 7 or May 14. We will be taking precautions to ensure that our staff and guests are maintaining COVID-19 safety protocol.
Pre-order is closed for 2022

Come to our sale

You can purchase your plants at 502 Troy Drive on Saturday, May 7 or Saturday, May 14 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. You will be able to purchase 4-packs of seedlings and plants in 3" round pots. We will be taking precautions to ensure that our staff and guests are maintaining COVID-19 safety protocol.
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